Awesome Premise Productions


Awesome Premise Productions was founded in the summer of 2011 by Aylia Colwell with the invaluable help of Sienna Beckman and Jimmy T., PhD.

Since then, Awesome Premise Productions has produced the web series “If Aaron Sorkin Had Written”, “The Real League of Justice League” and “Starring Woody Allen”. Our first short-length film was a period/sci-fi piece called “Once Upon a Time in Vienna”, now available for purchase in our online store, and we are in the final post-production stages of our very first feature film, “FISHBOWL”.

You can like Awesome Premise Productions, Once Upon a Time in Vienna, The Real League of Justice League or FISHBOWL on Facebook.

If you’re interested in donating in order to help us make movies, please, click on the donate button. You can also visit our store. All proceeds go directly to production costs. We do not make movies for profit. (Believe us. If we did, we’d be doing a really bad job of it.) We make movies because we love it!

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Above are a few promotional images and screenshots of projects produced by Awesome Premise Productions.